You will find a list of the most healthy and nutrient dense foods here.  I would add coconut milk kefir and cultured veggies to this list!

Liver Health Information and Resources:

Love your Liver for Digestive Health, Hormone Balance, Healthy Weight, & More

Gut Health Information and Resources:

3 Simple Steps you can take right now to Begin Healing Your Digestion

What you can Minimize in your Diet to Begin Healing Your Digestion

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Adaptogenic Herbs, Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Magnesium Supplements, and More:

My Healthwave Dispensary (Please Note – you will need to take a minute to sign up for a free account so that you can Browse through the Dispensary)

Affordable Help with Healing Your Gut and Detoxing Your Body:

Heal Your Gut 101 Shallow Dive (or Toe in the Water)  New Groups Begin Each Month

Heal Your Gut 201 Liver and GI Detox New Groups begin July, October, January, and April

Heal Your Gut 301 Deep Dive New Groups Begin August, February, and May

Adventures in Cultured Foods Class –  Cultured Food Making Supplies:

I am happy to help you by sharing my current sources of cultured food making supplies!



I have found this is a reliable source of organic milk kefir grains.

100% Coconut Milk in a Tetra Pak Carton, so no plastics from a can!  This coconut milk is delicious!

Organic and alcohol-free vanilla (alcohol kills the probiotics in kefir!)

My preferred liquid stevia






A good celtic sea salt

Air-lock lid (sets of 3 and 6 also available here)

Quart-sized wide mouth glass fermentation jars






Smoothie Ingredients:

Hemp Protein

Raw Vegan Protein

Stress Management Assistance:

Transurfing Reality Coaching My dear friend, Victoria Torres, will assist you in learning and applying simple yet powerful spiritual tools in order to gain a more positive outlook and experience more of what you want in your life.

Guided Imagery and Meditations for Stress Management:

Connecting with Earth and Divine Love

Detox Tools and Supplies:

Skin Brush

Epsom Salts

Xylitol Sweetened (Aspartame-Free) Gum

Detox support herbs and supplements are available on my Healthwave Dispensary.  After selecting the ‘Buy Product’ button and then signing up for a free account, click on the ‘All Categories’ tab in the green box on the top left and a drop-down menu will appear.  Go to the ‘Detox’ category.


Contact me if you have any questions!  I would love to hear from you.



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