Recipies for natural solutions and remedies for digestive health and wellness.

 Cultured Foods Recipes:

Basic Kraut! Yum!!!

Cultured Dill Pickles

Easy Kimchi

Spiced Coconut Kefir

Immune Boost Sweet and Tart Cultured Veggies (low salt)




Protein-Fat-Fiber Whole Foods Recipes:

Max’s No Bake Granola Bars                                                 fave green smoothie

My Favorite Green Smoothie (Low Sugar)

Lucia’s Green Smoothie

Nourishing, Enzyme-Rich Breakfast

Scrumptious Egg and Veggie Scramble


You will find many flavorful, whole foods based, and nutrient-dense recipes here.  They are mostly low-sugar and many are gluten-free.

These first two sources focus on lots of plant-based nutrition: (not gluten or grain free, not all are low sugar)

You will find nutrient-dense recipes with some meat incorporated here:

You will find Paleo (low grain), whole foods, nutrient dense recipes here:

You will find gluten-free, low grain recipes here:

You will find gentle, gut-healing, plant-based recipes here, including one for a tasty homemade mayo that I love:


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