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Your health is my passion!

My core focus as a health coach is to help you improve your digestive, or gut, health and balance your hormones.  I believe that gut health is the foundation of optimum health and wellness. The body’s systems cannot function properly without well-functioning digestion. Anyone can benefit from improving your digestion, but for those experiencing inflammatory conditions, which includes all of the conditions listed on my welcome page, digestive weakness and hormone imbalance are usually the root cause of your problem, and improving the health of your digestive system usually helps reverse the inflammation in your body.

Gut health is also necessary for hormone balance, as are liver health, and blood-sugar balance. Eating whole, nutritious foods, focusing on your dreams and goals and what you want more of in your life, and managing stress are all essential for living a healthy life.

Woven into my programs and coaching is assistance with essential stress-management and improved self-care in your daily life.

Here are the ways I can help you no matter how much money you are currently able to invest in your health:

heal your gut heartFree:

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I invite you to contact me for a free initial 20 minute Discovery appointment so that I can learn about your goals and you can learn about my programs and coaching, and I can guide you towards the best fit for your current needs.


Low Cost Guidance: 

Join an online Program or Course:

6 Week Heal Your Gut EClass: Empowered and Healthy You
6, 1-hour weekly audio EClasses, with many helpful visual handouts, teaching you clearly how the health of the gut is key to hormone, mental, physical, and emotional health, what common things go wrong with gut health, and simple but powerful things to start doing about it.

14 Day Hormone Detox – Clear Mind and Thriving Body
14 day intensive Liver and GI Detox totally food-based and also based on the full elimination diet for deep gut and liver healing – includes 2 days of simple eating to rest your digestion, 12 days of Detox with Full Elimination Diet – with recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists provided…plus plenty of support for your mind and emotions because when we detoxify our bodies, we detox ALL parts of us. Note: While detoxing may be needed and beneficial at other times, Spring is the optimal time to detox.
Recommended Add-Ons:
-Deep gut support supplement bundle from my Fullscript Dispensary – amino acid, enzyme and herbal supplementation for supporting the body in healing the liver and digestive tract. I have hand-selected my recommended L-glutamine, digestive enzymes, digestive tract healing herbs, liver supporting herbs, and probiotics for you. They are all gentle, allergen-free, and effective.  I provide a 15% discount under retail to my clients on all recommended supplements. To purchase follow this link, set up your free account, locate the Deep Gut Support Supplement Bundle and purchase.

28 Day Transformation – Energized and Balanced for Life
28 days of anti-inflammatory lifestyle and eating plans and recipes teaching you how to have a healthy body, balanced hormones, and even energy for life.    This mind-body program provides support for all parts of you so that you can transform for life.                                                 Recommended Add-Ons:
-Deep gut support supplement bundle from my Fullscript Dispensary – amino acid, enzyme and herbal supplementation for supporting the body in healing the liver and digestive tract. I have hand-selected my recommended L-glutamine, digestive enzymes, digestive tract healing herbs, liver supporting herbs, and probiotics for you.  They are all gentle, allergen-free, and effective. I provide a 15% discount under retail to my clients on all recommended supplements.  To purchase follow this link, set up your free account, locate the Deep Gut Support Supplement Bundle and purchase.

14 Day Shred – Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Balance Made Easy
14 day program with recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and daily email motivation and encouragement provided to balance your blood sugar and jump-start your healthy weight loss. Many like to start with the 14 Day Shred, then continue on with the 28 Day Transformation for 6-weeks of weight loss and total lifestyle guidance and support.


Hand-selected supplements from high-quality sources are available to you through my convenient, online Healthwave Dispensary to assist you with gut healing, constipation, hormone balance, a healthy microbiome, and more. When you sign up for some of my programs or one-on-one coaching, and create your free dispensary account, I make supplement recommendations in your dispensary account just for you.

Deep gut support supplement bundle– amino acid, enzyme, herbal, and probiotic supplementation for supporting the body in healing the digestive tract. I have hand-selected my recommended L-glutamine, digestive enzymes, digestive tract healing herbs, and probiotics for you.  This bundle works well with 14 Day Love your Liver and GI Detox and 28 Day Transformation Programs.

Lab Testing

Hormone and neurotransmitter lab testing is also available to you. When I saw in black-and-white that my cortisol (hormone) levels were pretty much flatlined, instead of the normal high in the am and slowly decreasing throughout the day, it totally changed the way I was focusing my healing efforts, affirmed that I had not been imagining how I had been feeling, and increased substantially my commitment to my self-care and healing. Testing is simple, using saliva or urine which you collect yourself at home, and can really bring clarity as to what is really going on with you and where to go next on your health path.

Guided Meditations

Take your health and well being into your hands with Guided Energy Meditations that you can listen to over and over again to reach that restorative, healing, meditative state!  I do energy meditations daily as part of my self-care practice and they help me to feel grounded, centered, supported and energized!


Medium Cost One-on-One Support:

Individual Health Coaching

Discover the Root Cause of what ails you and What to Do about it:   Schedule your two-part Whole Health Premiere Consultation through which you will receive your Whole Health Timeline and Whole Health Action Plan. One-on-One Coaching is available to you if you desire support in implementing your Whole Health Action Plan.  Coaching is online and via telephone.

Knowing what to do to heal your body, sticking to it, and making adjustments as needed can be a real challenge. Come with me and we will walk together as you reduce your painful or difficult symptoms and reach optimum health!  I wish you deep peace and vibrant health on your wellness journey!

Here is what clients have said after completing a class or program with me:

“Being a part of Amy’s program was informative and empowering. With the small changes that I have learned and made, I have already seen a drastic improvement in my skin and steady improvements in my waistline and energy levels.

After finishing the program with Amy, I feel much more equipped to continue making changes in my eating habits and it feels so great! Amy is a wonderful source of knowledge and a dedicated and patient teacher. I am so lucky to have her to continue to encourage and coach me as we slowly shift to a healthier body and way of life.”

~ Christie Kuropatwa, Georgia, USA

“When I first starting working with Amy, my brain fog was really bad. I rated it at 8/10. Only a few days after making the changes that Amy recommended, my brain fog was really improved. After two weeks, my brain fog was gone completely! 0/10! I feel much better and am able to get more done with better focus, and enjoy my day more!”

~ Mark Giallella, New York, USA

“It is now my fourth week in Amy’s program and I have to say that I feel fantastic. I have lost weight, which I attribute to cutting out many inflammatory foods. I’ve seen such an extreme reduction in bloating and acid reflux that I plan on continuing avoiding inflammatory foods whenever possible.

I cannot recommend working with Amy enough. Implementing these changes into my life has changed my relationship to food and to my body, and solidified my commitment to self-healing.”

~ Leili Besherat, Washington, USA

Here is what some clients have said about one-on-one coaching with me:

“I have been working with Amy as my wellness coach for two months and I can feel a significant decrease in my stress-level and in my painful physical symptoms.  I feel that she is assisting me in realizing MY well life in a way that I was not able to on my own!”

~ Debbie Zimmerman, Lakeland, FL

“I have learned that the clutter in my home was effecting my ability to not only lose weight, but also to enjoy my life.  Thank you, Amy, for helping me to make a few small but very powerful changes in my life. Also, when I started working with Amy, I did not know how to pay attention to signals from my body, like hunger.  I have learned to notice what hunger feels like, and also what fullness feels like.  Now I eat when I am hungry, instead of for other reasons, and stop eating when I am 80% full.  I feel much more energized now!  And my clothes are loose! ”

~ Mary Ann Lester-Diedrick, Mount Airy, GA




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