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cropped-glowingorangeflower3.jpgMind, body, and spirit, and energy field cannot be separated.  If one is out of whack or neglected, the others are effected.  Your stressful thoughts and life experiences can become stored in your energy field, especially if you do not know how to actively manage and release them.  This can be challenging for anyone, and takes work, effort, and practice. Most of us can benefit from help from a qualified energy medicine practitioner.  The energy systems of the body need help to remain open and balanced through the twists, turns, and stressors of life.  Keeping your body’s energy systems balanced, open, and flowing is important to experiencing vitality and vibrant well being as you walk on your path through life, and to prevent illness.  Amy found personally that energy balancing helped her with extreme nausea during pregnancy when nothing else would, with one 60-minute session completely relieving her nausea for several days!  Amy practices currently as a Healing Touch Practitioner and offers Energy Healings in Suwanee, GA as well as distance energy consultations.  Contact Amy for more information or to schedule your free introductory Energy Balancing fit 20 minute phone appointment.  You will also receive 50% off of your first energy balancing session as a new client.  Amy’s wellness coaching and massage therapy skills and knowledge overlap and benefit her energy medicine clients.

Energy Balancing can assist you with:     

Deep Relaxation, Pain Relief, Stress Reduction, Increased Sense of Whole Life Balance, Increased Ease and Flow in Life, Reduced Nausea, Reduced Unwanted Side Effects of Medicines such as Chemotherapy, Reaching a Restorative Meditative State, More Rapid Recovery from Illness and/or Surgery, Increased Ease During Major Life Transitions

“Energy balancing with Amy is the most relaxing thing I have done since I was diagnosed with cancer.  I had been experiencing anxiety and poor sleep. I have been sleeping through the night since my first Healing Touch session with Amy!”

~Beth M., Atlanta, GA, Energy Medicine Client

“You have done so much for me.  I am getting stronger every day.”

~Sarah M., Atlanta, GA, Energy Medicine Client

“I felt drunk all day after our session.  I will never forget how much stress relief I experienced from the Energy Work  you gave me.”

~Valerie G, East Aurora, NY, Energy Medicine Client

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