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Certified wellness and integrative nurse coach Amy Holaday’s story. Offering online wellness coaching and integrative massage in the Suwanee (Atlanta) GA area.

When I turned 40, seemingly that very day a slew of physical symptoms entered my life.  Hair loss, and lots of it.  Cold hands and feet, even in the hot Georgia summer.  Cold everything, really.  I suddenly gained a clothes size without changing a thing. Low energy. After sleeping soundly for 8-9 hours, I woke in the mornings feeling exhausted.  Sluggish brain function.  My memory was not stellar.  It had not been that fabulous for a while anyway, but it was even less fabulous.  For years, my plan and grand vision had been to age gracefully, but this did not feel very graceful.  Can you relate to any of this?

When I reported these symptoms to my primary MD, he tested my blood thyroid and hormone levels, and he found my thyroid levels to be on the low side of normal, which he said may be low for me, and my testosterone levels to be low.  As an RN, I know that many medications come with some sort of unwanted side effects.  But, I wanted to feel better and I wanted these symptoms gone, so I began the standard treatment for low thyroid, the medication Synthroid, and I began using bioidentical testosterone cream as prescribed by my doctor.  After 6 months of giving this a whirl, I experienced no improvement in my symptoms.  I was disappointed, and slowly and properly weaned myself off of these 2 prescriptions.

At my next annual physical, when I told the PA at my MDs office this story, she put me on Armour Thyroid, stating this may work better.  After several months of Armour Thyroid, I still experienced all of the same symptoms and no improvement.  This is when, even though I always believed myself to lead a very healthy lifestyle and to eat an excellent, nutrient-dense diet, I dug deeper.  As a nurse, with strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology as a base, I did lots more research to investigate what was going on with me and how to heal.  After all, I wanted to feel better!!!  And, I also knew that symptoms left unattended to can result in more serious illness or disease. No, thank you!

Years of research led me to take many steps to heal my digestion and balance my hormones.  gisystemAnd, some of the changes I made weren’t easy at first.  But, I have come out the other side.  And I would never choose to go back to the way I used to live or feel.

After years of work on my health, it turns out that stage II adrenal fatigue and intestinal infection were the root causes behind most of my symptoms! Identifying and addressing these root causes has made all the difference for me. I am no longer on any medications, no longer dealing with excess weight, I wake in the morning feeling refreshed (and that is without coffee or caffeine!  what a relief!), my energy is much more strong and steady, my brain feels ALOT less foggy, and the hair loss is much less.  And, even though this was not one of my initial complaints that I was aware of at the time, because I have dealt with this on and off for all of my life, I also just FEEL BETTER and experience a blue mood and negative outlook much less, almost none at all even!  Pinch me!  This, for me, is next to a miracle.  I had come to accept that experiencing depressed mood at times was just a normal part of my life.  I did try medications for mood in the past, and none of those helped me, either!  What did and does help me tremendously with my mood, along with digestive health, is energy meditation, improved self-care, and making lifestyle choices that reduced my stress levels.

Even though it was difficult at times, I am extemely grateful for this experience. only-logo-without-textThrough it, I found balance.  I gained understanding of the importance and deep healing power of healing your digestion and exactly how to do it.  My life and health are forever changed for the better.  

And, saving the best for last, I have discovered that my passion, heart-felt desire, and purpose is to help you to determine and address the root cause of your imbalances and improve your health and life.  Please contact me because I want to hear your story.



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