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About certified wellness and integrative nurse coach Amy Holaday. Offering online wellness coaching and integrative massage in the Suwanee (Atlanta) GA area.

Amy Holaday BS, RN, CMT, HTP founded Soul Path Wellness in 2011 when she realized that many people do not fully realize the power they hold to remain healthy, and do not fully understand what weakens their health and how to reach optimum health and wellness.  Amy has a passion for empowering as many people as possible through prevention and helping you to improve your whole life by building and strengthening the foundation of your health, digestive health, which is the root cause of so many imbalances in your body.

Amy has experienced personally that a mind/body and foundational digestive health approach helped her to heal many difficult physical symptoms when nothing else would. Click here to read more about Amy’s story.

Amy is passionate about prevention, education, and understanding the root cause of symptoms and illnesses. She views health through the lens of functional nutrition.  Amy enjoys walking with you on your journey of creating vibrant health and whole life wellness for yourself, or for your clients or patients.

Amy’s professional background and training include, in chronological order:

Bachelors in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, Certified Massage Therapist, Registered Nurse, Certified Health and Wellness Coach (Real Balance), and Healing Touch Practitioner (Healing Touch Program), Founder of Soul Path Wellness, current Functional Nutrition Education (Holistic Nutrition Lab).  During her fifteen years as a Massage Therapist and five years as an RN, Amy has educated, assisted, and supported many clients and patients towards greater health and well-being.  As founder and director of Soul Path Wellness, with several years of experience in this role, Amy skillfully guides you or your patients towards identifying and addressing the root cause of issues, prevention, digestive health, and whole life wellness.

By Amy Holaday
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