Hello and Welcome! I am a certified wellness and integrative nurse coach. I offer online wellness coaching and integrative massage in the Suwanee (Atlanta) GA area. Your health is my passion!

I help amazing, successful women who are struggling with hormone imbalance despite already trying to ‘get healthy’. We find the root causes of your imbalances then, using functional nutrition and lifestyle changes, I help you come back into health and hormone balance so that you can fully show up for and enjoy your brilliant life again.

Do these words describe you?
Functional. Healthy. Happy. Brilliant. Aware. Fully Enjoying Your Life. Feeling Your True Essence. Feeling Free and Clear enough to Fully Live your Purpose. Empowered. Feminine. Beautiful. Sexy. Alive. Energized. Balanced. Stable. Revitalized. Rejuvenated. Mentally Clear. Emotionally Healthy.
If not, we need to talk!

Do you want improved memory and brain function?

Do you want more energy and for your energy to stay more steady throughout the day?

Would you like to lose those few extra pounds?

Would you like improved skin? Less eczema, less acne, less rashes, less psoriasis?

Would you like to experience less pain and inflammation in your body?

Would you like less depression and anxiety?  Including less postpartum depression?

Would you like improved hormonal balance?

Would you like to prepare your body now for a more healthy pregnancy and child in the future?

Would you like help in managing and reducing the symptoms of your autoimmune disease?

Would you like fewer migraine headaches?

Would you like fewer focus problems for you or your family (ADD, ADHD)?

Do you need help reducing symptoms of poor digestion? Like gas, bloating, stomach pain, acid reflux, diarrhea, or constipation.

I want to help you!  Contact me so we can get started!  Read more about me, Soul Path Wellness, and how I can help you here.

If you are an Individual looking for help in creating optimum health, or if you need help resolving difficult issues and symptoms and have not found effective help from traditional avenues that you have tried, you have come to the right place.

If you are a Medical Professional interested in Wellness Consulting, Education, or deepening your knowledge of strengthening the digestive system, which is the foundation of health, more naturally in order to prevent disease and help patients to become well, you have come to the right place.



   email: amy@soulpathwellness.com | www.soulpathwellness.com | ph: 404-931-2639

Suwanee, GA  30024
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I am not a medical doctor, dietician, nor nutritionist. I do not hold a degree in medicine, dietetics, or nutrition. I make no claims to any specialized medical training, nor do I dispense medical advice or prescriptions. This content is not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases. It is intended to be provided for informational, educational, and self-empowerment purposes ONLY. Please consult with your doctor or wellness team if you have any questions regarding this whole foods program, and then make your own well-informed decisions based upon what is best for your unique genetics, culture, conditions, and stage of life.

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